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When next update?

Why does my antivirus say, that this game has malware???


Some antivirus have started reporting unrecognized APKs as viruses. If you got it from here, it is safe.

Is this normal?


Some antivirus have started reporting unrecognized APKs as viruses. If you got it from here, it is safe.

Ganahan jud ko ani🖤


Can anyone tell me who is the trap in this game?

very late in current ver, side character.


Bro don't tell me lym betrays us for family approval and we replace her with nyx


hi  only have 4questions does anyone know
1.) girls "who became pregnant and gives birth"
2.) so i was wondering will pregnancy be added within the next update? 3>)Can you add more girls yto this game ?
4>)What languages are currently available in the game?


What's everyone's favorite part of the game so far? Personally as weird as it sounds I find the addition of the cat and dragon in the background of scenes hilarious.


Same LOL


is there a chance that this will be uploaded in gdrive since mega file has a download ca

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mediafire links here:

Thank you po

i still don't get the third event from page 3 i try follow the green dot still nothing

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Will I need to start over from scratch since I need to d/l from an outside source...or can I continue my save from 0.39?

With some of my fetishes (a couple being non-human and short-stack, Zara and Pip respectively), I'm already hooked. Just wondering if I need to put in more work before getting to the new content.

Your saves will be saved between download sources.  No worries

kk, tyvm

hey so im missing one image gal last  one on first row  can somone tell me where it is or a hint

so i do have a question, is there a possibility for more girls and if so is it like an open pole or something, the next thing is, i saved my game on the last step in the earlier version and can´t continue (not a problem i can finally start again)


no polls like that. Try pressing back a few times 


I downloaded the 0.4 version for android and i execute the apk. But after the installation was complete, the phone telled me that the app has not be installed. What to do?

uninstall the old version, then install the new one


Everybody give Oppai some love for this update!!

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Hi I don't want to be rude but what time is public download available at cause the main screen hasn't changed yet or is it elsewhere on the net

I wanna play it from the beginning again, how do you restart the game with clean logs and no saves?

delete your saves folder in the game folder and app data, or if on android, delete the saves folder from your documents

I got it now. Thank you dev.

Where is the save folder located/called on Android? Looking under my Documents I see some other games but not this one.

Also having trouble updating from 3.9 to 4.0 as others have and really don't want to lose anything.

Thank you! 


Will there be any birthing sences in the story? Because if the dragon queen is pregnant wouldn't she lay an egg or something?


Hello man, i really love your work, but i can't bring myself to pay a bit every patch.  But since this is most likely my fav hentai game, i will surely pay the price of a full game when this is finished.  i know it may take a while since its done very well, but there are way too many character i've seen, that i'm still waiting for sex scenes with, and i would feel bad to pay and if one day the game come to a stop for whatever reason!

I just downloaded this game and for some reason the game closes on its own. It starts up fine but when I try to play it just close not sure if it's cause of the update. Please help cause I do wanna play

a bug with certain samsung CPUs. Try downloading the PC version and using joiplay to play it until I put out a fix


if you came to read the comments to check if the game is good. play it. now. just do it. this game is amazing. if you don't like some sexual aspects you can easily avoid them. easily top 5 vn of all time. There's so much content and the latest build is 0.3.9. this is easily one of my favorites, there's a girl for everyone. well done dev(s)!

When are you planning to update the game DEV??

i remember playing the game but for some reason i deleted it? honestly don't remember bc it looks really good and the reviews are spectacular

i play the sandbox one and then i sleep ingame for like 4-7 and no girls has the green circle and events doesn't show up anymore.

Maybe you have done all the missions?

I played this game and I love it so far. One thing though, is it possible to get through the game while romancing one heroine only? Aside from one certain story character?


The graphics, animation, and story is amazing i can't even describe how you made such a master piece to my favourite list VN.

Fantasic work on the world building, the writing, and obviously the crew (and the animations 👌) 

You can tell a lot of work went into the writing and character design and it really shows. The crew members design match their personality and its really each of their unique personalities and their respective stories that make you care about them. Excellent work and I'm excited for the newest release!


Imma start posting pics here. Let's see if you guys check em.

Nyx!!! :D


The game is a very good game so far, but for some reason all of the animations ive seen have been very glitchy, and tend to freeze up.

Enjoying the story immensely, all aspects of the game are great ... except for the animations.
I follow three other games in this genre, all Renpy as well, and have no issues with them.
PC version, mid-level desktop, Windows 10. I re-installed from the download fresh before I got too far in my first round, hoping it would fix it. It didn't.
Is it a setting in my graphics card, or some tweak I need to make? The rest of your renders are sharp and clean.

i don't know what kind of problem you guys have. 
I played this game 2 or 3 times wit h2 difference laptop.
And never saw a glitched or laggy animation , it has always been flawless. So i wonder if maybe the problem in not with the game but with some graphic options? just suggesting cause i feel your pain, i always had these kind of problems when my laptop wasn't good.


V 0.3.9!? It's amazing just how the story, animation, graphics and more, you can't even know how this v 0.3.9 made it perfect. Can't wait for V .04!.

Unbelievable, love it.


one of the best out right now. amazing work, story, characters, renders, scenes, plot, everything. and to think its only on 0.3.9! can't wait for more.

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Nyx best girl, very close to dr clemont tho

Amazing game truly amazing (does anyone know what the last event is on page 7 bottom right)


The game it's definitely awesome. I think the ship events concept could be better, because as you advance, you need often to skip time (maybe adding some grinding feature?).


This game is truly a hidden gem! It needs to be seen more and thrown at the top! I played quite a few AVN's but only a handful really stood out. This game I am sad it took so long for me to find; I wish I could have found it sooner to help support the dev. You will have a new patreon sub now!

First what captured my interest was the character designs, they look unique in their own way. They all have very attractive outfits, and it is more than enough to get the blood flowing lol. Then their personalities really show as you progress through the story, and they are all so unique and continue with growth while still being adorable. They can really make you get lost in the reading and forget to grab some food or drink something. 

Then the scenery is just so mesmerizing! I know a lot of work and effort went into making the scenes and backgrounds. Truly gifted at what you do mate.

Also the lewd scenes...just wow! The angles, the animation, the music, the detail in the girl's bodies. Different positions, the word-play, so much to make any man excited, but I won't spoil anything.

The plot is amazing and I get so excited to see where the story goes, I love how to MC handles things and steps up when he needs too. I love how you can also choose with Nyx the dom or sub route, really made me laugh when it first started! The intensity I felt with the MC and Lym on Xerces, just amazing writing! Don't want to spoil for people.

This is definitely one of my top favorites, if not my favorite novel! I wish you the best, also to keep growing and learning new skills to help you along the way! I am going to sub to you and follow your work until one of us kicks the bucket lol (knock on wood). Happy new year!  


thanks! Glad you're enjoying it :)

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I found this game today and played it till i leave Zara and i want to give a quick feedback. (I'll complete the feedback, when i'm done)

I love the game. It is an interesting setting. The fact that you can navigate yourself through the ship is also very good, so you can decide for yourself which character you feel most like. The design of the characters is also very well done. Both the girls on the ship and all the others you meet along the way. The characters of the girls are also very well done and you sympathize with each of them after a short warm-up phase. They all have a loving character (some more than others xD) that you just have to fall in love with. The story itself is nothing new, but it is super implemented. There is never boredom and it remains exciting. I like it very much and would not want to change anything, because it has its own charm, which makes the story so special. 

One thing I have noticed so far, however, which makes it a little boring for me. And that is the variety in the boobs. With the girls on the ship, you only have the choice of big, bigger, even bigger, and way too exaggerated. There's no variety there. I would have liked to have variety, between big, small, flat chest, normal, etc. The first time that variety came was in the Zara Arc. A bit late, but I was still happy that there was finally one with not so big breasts. Do not get me wrong, I like big breasts, very much even, but if all have the same and it then degenerates into much too exaggerated, I find that even no longer beautiful.

But that is also my only point of criticism that I have. Otherwise, you do really very good work. I'm looking forward to continue playing after the holidays and then wait for more great updates. I hope my criticism wasn't too harsh. Still, I hope it is taken note of. :D

Thanks a lot for your work! 

Edit: I stand by all my statements. It is a great game! After all, not much has changed. Story remained very interesting and exciting. I especially liked the story with Sybil.  I look forward to the next updates. (I do have one hope though. And that is that you can still do nice things with the 3 devils. xD) 


What a great game! Can't wait for the next update! 

Is there a Walkthrough for this game?

follow the green circles

So i can´t miss any of the event gallery?

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You'll have to choose one of the Nyx paths for sub or dom. Or have two separate saves for each side to complete it fully

Ah, i see. Luckily i save at every decision.


I've had this game in my collections and installed for a while and just haven't gotten around to playing it yet and I gotta say: it wasn't at all what I expected and I'm having a blast. The story is great, the characters are engaging, and when a certain Zomeone doesn't join the crew I'll admit I was a little mad

If anyone needs me I'll be playing this til I hit the end of the current patch.

glad you're enjoying :-)

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